How to learn to dance

Dance is one of the most complete forms of art. It is an expression - externalization of emotions and internal rhythm, interpretation and communication, harmony of body and mind.

To enjoy dancing, that is to say, to beautifully express what you feel when listening to a music piece or song, alone or in synergy and cooperation with one or more people, you need to answer important questions about yourself and to overcome any phobias you probably have on dancing.

Not everyone starts dance lessons for the same reason. Some because their mate knows how to dance, others because they saw a video or a performance / choreography and were impressed, others to escape their routine, socialization, etc. Each starting point also sets a different trip with the same destination: dancing. But, in order to enjoy this journey and earn what you want or what you really need from dancing, you have to answer 6 key questions:

  1. What?
  2. Why?
  3. How?
  4. Where?
  5. When?
  6. With whom?

Based on the answers to the rest of the questions, enrolling in a dance school will help you answer "how"!

In a dance school there are several things you can do based on your needs and time available. However, to conquer dance, that is, to dance and feel good with yourself, especially with regards to social dance, it is advisable to:

  • Take group lessons. In group lessons you have the ability to dance with different people of your level. Each person has a different dance personality with which you are called to collaborate and perform the same figure. Through this process, among other things, you develop a "dance social skill" and by discovering the secret of "together" in dancing you get to improve yourself.
  • Take private lessons. In a private lesson, the teacher works exclusively on you and your individual needs in terms of technique, understanding and explanation of steps etc., which can’ t be done in group lessons.
  • Participate in dance parties. At dance parties you can practice the steps you have already learned and generally have fun! Besides, that’s the main reason to dance, isn’t it?
  • Take dance examinations. Examinations are a very good motivation to deepen into the art of dance.
  • Participate in dance shows and/or competitions. In order to learn how to dance, it is very important to overcome the fear of exposure in front of an audience and you will do it through your participation in shows and/or competitions.

Combining all of the above will help to get faster and more effectively to the desired result: to deepen into the art of dance and enjoy unique experiences. Choose what suits you!

Express yourself.

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Tiempo Loco Dance School

Tiempo Loco Dance School

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